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Now Available!

Fits all of our lower CP dies!

Manufactured By Desert Hybrids Precision Engineered Products, this Radius Gauge is very useful for selecting the proper die size for the shape of the part you are shaping/planishing as well as duplicating the contours and assuring accuracy and consistency in your sheet metal parts. Includes 0.75" R, 0.875" R, 1.1" R, 1.5" R, 1.875" R, 4.0" R, 5.0" R, 6.0" R, 8.0" R, 14.5" R, 24.0" R, 36.0" R. Precision CNC Laser Cut & Engraved. Note: The idea for this style of radius gauge came from Fay Butler. Its application and use is described in detail in his excellent book: "Air Planishing Hammer Handbook".


plus $9.76 S/H USA

Price including s/h

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Tucson, Arizona 85719
(520) 322-9911